Producer | Guitarist



by Antiwave

The first single from Long Beach producer Antiwave recalls any number of alternative acts from the ’90s (Portishead at the head of the class, but artists like Lamb and Hooverphonic too) who added measured sophistication to the music handed down by the ’80s. “Holiday Heart,” released Friday, is the work of producer Heather Baker, who previously made music under the name Piano Heist. Her music is informed, Baker says, by bands she grew up listening to, “like the Cure, the Sneaker Pimps, Air, Cocteau Twins and Garbage.” All good places to start, and her single’s downtempo bliss “is inspired by the overwhelming feeling I think we all encounter that the past was filled with good times or was easier,” says Baker, who has composed music for film and commercials and worked as a session/touring player for the likes of Bonnie McKee and Krewella. “This leads to the direct or indirect selective remembrance of moments in our lives. Yet we are products of the great pain and pleasure we endure, whether we know it or not.” Both ends of the emotional spectrum are palpable in “Holiday Heart.” File under beautiful malaise.

-Kevin Bronson - Buzzbands LA 2016